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Project Name: Pastoral Innovation Network of New England

Hartford Seminary’s five year clergy grant program, Thriving in Poor Soil: Creating a Pastoral Innovation Network  of  New  England  (PINNE), is an effort  to  foster  and  sustain  clergy  excellence  by enhancing  the  creativity  and  leadership  skills  of  innovative  pastors. Younger clergy who are three to ten years into their ministry career and who are engaged in innovative congregation-based  ministries  will  build  and  sustain  relationships  with  peers  and  mentors  where  they  can  explore challenges  of  ministry  in  New  England,  share  creative  ideas,  and  receive  support  from  each  other. Through regular gatherings, coaching, ongoing virtual communication, and the voluntary undertaking of a project of congregational change this project hopes to increase the level of creativity and spiritual energy of participants while also disseminating the learnings to clergy and denominations across New England. In addition, PINNE will host two conferences, create a website, support a Facebook page and participate in judicatory events where we will share the most innovative ideas on thriving in ministry and vital approaches with other pastors throughout the region. To sustain this effort beyond the grant, the Seminary will seek denominational funding for participants and incorporate elements of the PINNE program into its doctor of ministry degree program.

Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Institution Type: Seminary or School of Theology
Denominational Tradition: Non-denominational
Contact Information
Contact: Allison Norton