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Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

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Project Name: Thriving in Ministry Initiative

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Inc. (CBF) seeks a four-year grant to create the Thriving in Ministry Initiative program, an effort to help clergy build and sustain collegial relationships to enhance their leadership capacities.  Pastors who are at the same stages in their careers or serve congregations in similar contexts will form peer colleague groups and meet monthly with experienced pastor-mentors, called CBF Pilots.  An initial gathering of all the cohorts will launch the program, and a capstone retreat will conclude each year.  Throughout the year, each cohort will collect their best insights and reflections and combine them into published leadership resources (called Gleanings for the Journey) to share with other pastors and congregations.  These resources may include written entries by both CBF Pilots and participants, podcasts, blogs, webinars and curricula.  To sustain this initiative, CBF will incorporate this program into its operating budget and solicit gifts from donors.

Location: Decatur, Georgia
Institution Type: Denomination
Denominational Tradition: Baptist
Contact Information
Contact: Brian Foreman