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Latin American Bible Institute

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Project Name: The Thriving Hispanic Pastor: Cultivating Progress Across the Pastoral Experience

Established in 1926, LABI College is one of the oldest Hispanic Bible Colleges in the country. Historically, LABI has focused on supporting pastors at different life stages. Over the last several years, LABI has launched several centers and institutes designed to provide pastors across the life-span, strategic mentoring experiences, mental health and wellness support, and advanced pastoral training. These centers include a mental health and wellness-focused Hispanic Preaching Center, pastoral resources through our Hispanic Institute of Pentecostal Studies, and a Hispanic Women’s Leadership Institute. The Hispanic Women’s Leadership Institute is one of the first of its kind in Christian higher education. The Institute promotes, develops, trains, and highlights the exceptional work of Hispanic women in church leadership and pastoral roles. At LABI, it is a fundamental imperative that we acknowledge how Hispanic women leaders have impacted our faith tradition, church, and community for Christ. Designed to support emerging and veteran Hispanic pastors that serve communities within Southern California, our project will provide mentoring, support, and training for Hispanic pastors and church leaders. Through this project, we will provide assessments, workshops, trainings, mentoring, and other conference experiences to Hispanic pastors and church leaders through the various life stages of their ministry careers.

Location: La Puente, CA
Institution Type: University/College
Denominational Tradition: Pentecostal
Contact Information
Contact: Dr. Marty Harris