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Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society

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Project Name: Pilgrimages of Striving and Thriving

Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society (Lott Carey) seeks a four-year grant for partial support to launch its Pilgrimages of Striving and Thriving project.  This effort will facilitate opportunities for women pastors and pastors who are younger than the age of 40 to experience ministries that flourish through a series of pilgrimages.  These will include: intellectual pilgrimages that invite pastors to read about and learn from thriving church and civic leaders, and international pilgrimages that explore the ministries of pioneer African-American Baptist pastors who migrated to Nova Scotia and the Caribbean Islands in the 18th century to avoid re-enslavement.  Lott Carey also will develop digital podcasts to make content available more broadly.  To sustain this project, Lott Carey will seek congregational and philanthropic support, develop partnership resources and invite participants to pay for their travel.

Location: Landover, Maryland
Institution Type: Other Religious agency
Denominational Tradition: Baptist
Contact Information
Contact: David Emmanuel Goatley