An unending cycle of gun violence continues to devastate our nation. The taking of life, whether from individual acts or mass shootings, is antithetical to the beloved community God calls us to create.

We mourn for the schoolchildren, families and teachers in Uvalde, Oxford Township, Parkland and Sandy Hook; for the faithful in their houses of worship in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Sutherland Springs and Charleston; for our siblings running the errands of daily life in Buffalo, Atlanta and El Paso; and for all of those in too many other incidents to name who have lost their lives or loved ones to firearms. The depth of this ongoing tragedy leaves us bereft.

Finding the words to speak to this level of hate, harm and trauma is extremely difficult, pastorally and personally. It should be — this sort of violence must never be normalized. Below are some resources that may provide a starting point for conversation, both now and moving forward.

From the Faith & Leadership archives:

How should Christian leaders respond to gun violence?

This is a collection of previously published content organized into five areas of focus: guns and violence, responding to tragedy, reconciliation, forgiveness, and trauma.

From Real Kids Real Faith:

Real Kids Real Faith offers resources designed for talking with children about tragedies like the Uvalde school shooting.