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Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries

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Project Name: Thriving Pastoral Ministry Program

Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries (MBMM) is a 501(c)(3) organization whose vision statement is “Weaving God’s Love Across Cultures.” And our mission is simple; we call it “ACE”: Advocacy for, Celebration & Empowerment of New Americans.

Since 2007, MBMM has assisted immigrant pastors with a number of cultural, linguistic, practical and socio-economic challenges with designing and implementing programs that meet the diverse challenges of ethnic pastors and their most imminent needs. Both the small white churches’ pastors and immigrant pastoral leaders benefit from our programs that challenge them to step out of their comfort zones, culturally and theologically, to assist them in improving collegial relations, intercultural and ecumenical, professional and personal growth, and learning. To this end, Lilly Grant resources would aid us in the Thriving Pastoral Ministry Program (TPMP) to support these pastors, allowing them the framework to appreciate and embrace diverse theological and cultural ministerial praxis, empowering pastoral agency to thrive in the ministry. Establishing dynamic teams of different cultural and theological backgrounds, supported and facilitated by a trained coach, each Ethnic Clergy Group (ECG) and Intercultural Clergy Group (ICG) bridges the cultural and theological silos, providing an intercultural peer network to: pray for and with, learn from one another, offer opportunities for thinking together and working with richness of theological and cultural diversity, address solutions to issues present in current ministerial settings in the US, and doing so within a climate of embracing hospitality and mutual accountability. TPMP immersion will imbue pastors with a spirit of radical hospitality, becoming pastoral agency for change, able to lead their respective faith communities, imitating the values of the Kingdom of God. The principal of the TPMP program objectives is to provide the ECGs and ICGs with a 4-year development plan. MBMM will hire a Program Manager and Consultants, including: Cultural Advocates, Peer Coaching, Program Evaluators; and train coaches to run the TPMP, which will be resourced and supported by MBMM. Aligned with the Thriving in Ministry Initiative 2020, we pray for the opportunity and resources to support the full scope of this work outlined herein.

Location: Lexington, MA
Institution Type: Other Religious agency
Denominational Tradition: Baptist
Contact Information
Contact: Mar Imsong